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Application Requirements

The John Newquist Educational Foundation was established to provide annual scholarships for TRADITIONAL AND NON-TRADITIONAL students. This scholarship will assist with educational costs, including:  tuition, fees, books, tools & equipment, and room & board for college students who meet the following criteria:

        1. Must be a high school graduate from any school in Nebraska or in the County of Gregory, Tripp, or                       Charles Mix in South Dakota.

       2. Must be a citizen of the United States.

       3. Have completed at least one year of post secondary education at an accredited Community College,                      College or University. High school dual credits do not qualify as first year.

       4. Enrolled in a technical or any program or on course to receive a degree from a two-year vocational school            or four year college or university in any field of study.

       5. Must not have ever been convicted of a felony.

       6. Must pass a minimum of twelve credit hours per quarter/semester with a "C" or 2.0 cumulative grade                    point average.

       7. Must explain a financial need.

       8. Must provide a past and present work history. Please provide a copy of W-2 or 1099. No applicant shall                be under consideration who has not previously been employed during applicant's lifetime.

All scholarship money distributed from the The John Newquist Educational Foundation shall be forwarded to and will be disbursed by the financial aid department of the school the recipient attends or paid directly to any vendor for required tools, equipment, supplies, etc., the recipient needs in education classes.

Yearly scholarship amounts vary, awards are based on the applicants work history.

Award letters will be sent to scholarship recipients a month after the deadline date.


  - Fall semester ONLY applications must be received by July 1st of current year.

 - Fall/Spring semesters divided equally must be received by July 1st of current year.

 - Summer class applications must be received by May 1st of current year.





87183 WEST 10TH

O'NEILL, NE 68763


        - The Scholarship is renewable and applicants may reapply every year.

        - Applicant must include transcripts of previous two semesters grades.

                * This does not apply to new non-traditional applicants that have not attended college                   for the last five years or more.

        - Applicant must mark on scholarship application which semester (or summer class) they are applying for. Checks are mailed directly to the college and they will disperse amounts as requested. The student may lose the scholarship and not receive payment for the second term if he/she fails to complete the first term, or for not attaining a Grade Point Average of “C” or 2.00 for the first term.

        - The scholarship committee reserves the right and the discretion to award any amount or amounts it so determines and said scholarship may be renewable and/or terminable after the first year.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, any scholarship award hereunder shall not cause the recipient’s total scholarship awards, including scholarships from other sources, to exceed the recipient’s estimated cost of attending college, which includes but is not limited to costs of tuition, tools and equipment, books, room and board.

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